Staff Profile - Yvette

Staff Profile - Yvette

Hi Mums and Mums-to-be!

It is the month for staff introductions and my turn to tell you a little bit about myself so there is a friendly face when you come in on Fridays and Saturdays.

I have been working at Preggi Central for three years now; WOW time flies when you are having fun! And I can honestly tell you that I love every minute of it. I am completely obsessed with all things bumps, birth and babies and the reason I went looking for a job in this store in the first place. I thoroughly enjoy welcoming first time mums-to-be and helping them navigate the steep learning curve of a first pregnancy and the changes their bodies are going through. When they leave the shop feeling more comfortable, informed and with an outfit or two that makes them look and feel fabulous, I know I have done my job. Lately I have had an influx of mums returning with their second pregnancy and I couldn’t be more excited to see them in this next stage of motherhood.

I am the mum of two gorgeous boys who are 5 and 8. My oldest is sensitive, heartfelt, determined and a real deep thinker. My youngest is affectionate, loving and very strong willed. I can’t say parenting has been easy; but I put my heart and soul into it and hope they turn out alright! With a great husband and father to these two boys, I know I am pretty lucky and my family means everything.

When I am not at Preggi Central or child wrangling I am busy with my other life purpose; my own business Project Birth. I have a long-standing passion for childbirth and believe it is a life changing event. I love to educate and inspire couples to take command of their experience and optimise their chances of a positive birth. I run courses in Frankston based on The Positive Birth formula- a birthing method developed from the latest evidence and the common elements found in hundreds of positive birth experiences. And if you want some great labour and birth tips you can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram. If someone asked me my one top tip for birth I would struggle because there is so much you can learn and do to make birth the best it can possibly be. But ultimately, I would have to say, “Don’t just hope for a great birth, prepare for one!”

And when I’m not doing all of the above; the things that light my fire are a good book, a great meal, travel, our beautiful Mornington Peninsula, watching my kids play sport and my secret favourite TV show Tyler Henry- Hollywood Medium...please don’t laugh!

So, come and visit me in the shop soon! Wonderful things are happening at Preggi Central and I look forward to sharing in your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey!


"Check out Yvette's business by clicking here Project Birth."