Under New Management

Under New Management


There have been whispers and hints that big changes are coming to Preggi Central.

So… who wants to hear the headlines?

Preggi Central has a new owner.
We are having the od nip and tuck and will re-open on Friday 10th Feb 2017.
There will be all new maternity and nursing wear stock!!
We are introducing Babywear!!!! I’m so excited about this one.
There will be a new and improved kids play area to keep your littlies entertained while you shop.

Now the story behind the changes...

Our founder and the most inspiring woman I have ever met, Kate McKenzie, (Mother of 5, Lawyer, Sister, Loyal Friend and Owner of Preggi Central for 10 years) was given an offer too good to refuse to relocate her family to beautiful Tasmania. So it was with a very heavy heart that Kate made the decision to sell Preggi Central.

This is where I come in. You see I am an old part of the furniture at Preggi Central. I managed the business for 3 years in its old location at Klauer Street (flash back 4 years in the pic) and frankly have never been happier at work as it never felt like work to me. So when I heard from Kate there wasn’t even a decision to be made. The opportunity to take Preggi Central into its next 10 years and to work side by side again with Sarah, Nat and Yvette was just too good to miss.

So you may be wondering who is writing this long winded blog? My name is Shelley (Shell) you’ll be hearing from me a lot in the future as I am proud to say I’m the new owner of Preggi Central.

So stay tuned to facebook and the blog for updates about the changes.
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Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback for me.