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Luxe - Plus Cup Size Nursing Bra

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    The large bust G+ cup plus size nursing bras that you’ve been searching for!

    The Luxe Bra is the bra that you gave up looking for because no one would make it, but finally, the search is over! Cadenshae created the Ultimate Bra for big breasts but soon discovered that there are a lot of women that are even bigger busted than the Ultimate Bra and require a smaller band for their breast size. The Luxe Bra picks up where the Ultimate Bra left off, at an H cup size and beyond.

    This Solving the problem of not being able to find a bra that fits large breasts and small backs.


    (If you're able to visit Preggi Central in person, all of our staff are trained to fit you, to ensure you get the correct support) 

    Luxe bra size 8 : 8H, 8HH, 8I, 8J, 10G, 10GG

    Luxe bra size 10 : 10H, 10HH, 10I, 10J, 12G, 12GG

    Luxe bra size 12 : 12H, 12HH, 12I, 12J, 14G, 14GG

    Luxe bra size 14 : 14H, 14HH, 14I, 14J, 16G, 16GG

    Luxe bra size 16 : 16H, 16HH, 16I, 16J, 18G, 18GG, 20F

    Why choose the Luxe Bra?

    Specially designed for an H to J cup size.
    It’s a large bra that’s well structured and fits!
    Foam moulded cups.
    Comfort without an underwire.
    Superior support for large cup sizes.
    The channeling sits wider, so that the cup can be supportive.
    Women who aren’t nursing still love the Luxe Bra due to the optimal fit, support and comfort that it gives.
    Wider padded straps for additional comfort, help disperse the pain points and great for everyday use.
    Constructed with a thicker band underneath the bust reducing vertical movement and providing more comfort.
    Adjustable back with the option to convert to a racer-back design enabling you to use a bra extender if required while your breasts are still changing.
    Specially designed to provide optimal support and help lessen the load on your back.
    Allows breathability with seams that expand and contract with you reducing the stress on your shoulders. Full coverage that provides all-around support, serving as your helping hands.
    The Luxe Bra is constructed with specific fabrics. Along the back inside wings, a power mesh is used, which is a lightweight breathable fabric but it's also really strong so it keeps its shape. Then in the front of the bra, there are foam moulded cups with nylon spandex over top, to offer stretch but also a lot of support. The nursing sling is made from moisture wicking fabric to help keep you cool and dry.