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Sometimes breastfeeding needs a bit of help. Our lactation range includes milk savers, nursing pads and special pre-packaged lactation foods make increasing your milk supply all the more convenient.

Whether you're looking for lactation cookies, muesli, biscuits, crackers or teas, we stock Boobie Bikkies by Pinkie Mckay, Franjos Kitchen and a range of teas from Mama Body Tea to help increase your milk supply. WIth key natural ingredients such as brewers yeast, fennel, fenugreek, oats and much more, this range has got you covered! You can shop our full range of breastfeeding biscuits and pregnancy teas here.

Our breast pads will help prevent surprise leaking in those moments when it really matters. Other feature products include the milk saver from Mumasil which makes saving milk for later use so easy and safe.