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Elle TENS is the one of the most advanced Labour TENS machines available to Australia’s mum-to-be and now you can hire your own Elle TENS machine at Preggi Central! 

Not sure what a Tens machine is or how it can benefit you during labour?
Read our blog on Tens Machines - compare the different types and find out the low down here.

Hiring Tips/Recommendations:

  • POSTAL Hire- we recommend a minimum 6-week hire starting at 37 weeks gestation.  This gives enough time for us to post the unit to you, cover you up to 42 weeks gestation and time for you to post it back to us.
  • INSTORE PICKUP- if you are hoping for a spontaneous start to labour, 4 weeks hire starting at 38 weeks is a great option.  If you would like to use the tens machine for postpartum recovery, select 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Our 2 week hire option is suitable if your labour is going to be induced and you already know the date. It is recommended for instore pick up only.

 *To review the TENS hire terms and conditions, please click here.



What does it cost to hire a Tens Machine?

Hire options are available from $50 for 2 weeks hire.Costs depend on the Tens machine model you choose and the length of hire period. A bond of $100 is payable at the time of hiring, which is fully refundable* when your unit is returned at the end of the hire period.

If you are utilising our postage hire service add $15 to the cost to cover postage in both directions. We include a return postage satchel for ease of return.

Payment is due when your hire period commences.

What are the benefits of using a Tens Machine?

  • Releases endorphins which are our own natural pain relieving chemicals
  • Blocks pain messages going to the brain
  • Provides a distraction from contractions
  • Gives you a sense of control over your labour
  • A natural and non invasive pain relief option
  • Portable and easy to use

What does it feel like?

A wave/pulse like tingling sensation a bit like pins and needles, but not painful. Start on a very low setting and increase intensity slowly throughout labour to match your contractions. If ramped up to a high setting too quickly it can be uncomfortable, so be sure to go slow.

How is it different from a normal Tens Machine?

Unlike regular tens machines the Obi and Elle have an integrated boost button that you press when a contraction starts. This is to give a more intense and continuous tingling sensation to combat the pain. The pads are also larger than on a regular tens machine.

Is it safe for me and my baby?

Yes, it is specifically designed to be used in labour and has no effect on your baby. However, it is recommended not to be used before 37 weeks. Always read the contraindications in the instruction booklet before use and check with your doctor if you have health concerns or any questions.

Can I practise with it before labour?

As long as you are at least 37 weeks pregnant then you can try it out. Being familiar with the unit and controls will allow for stress free usage on the day. It is a great idea to have your birth partner involved in this too so they can assist during labour.The pads are sticky enough to be used multiple times, just be sure to place them back on the plastic sheets and back into the baggie. The instruction booklet has easy to follow directions showing where to place the pads and how to use the machine.

When should I start using it in labour?

It takes a while for your endorphins to rise so it is recommended to start using the tens machine early in labour. For spontaneous labour, start using once contractions have begun and are in a fairly regular pattern. For inductions, start using at the first sign of the onset of contractions.

Can it be used with other forms of pain relief?

It can be used with other methods of pain relief but as it is battery operated it can not be used in water. If you want to use the bath or shower in labour, you can take the TENS off and put it back on after, once you are completely dry.

When should I reserve my Tens Machine?

For instore pickup you can reserve a machine at any time. For postal hire it needs to be before 36 weeks. However, for both options we recommend booking as early as possible. If you have a due date then go ahead and lock in a machine!

Can I extend my hire?

To avoid needing to extend, we recommend that your hire period covers you to at least 42 weeks gestation. If using postal hire you may need longer. If you have not had your baby and need to extend the hire, please contact us as soon as possible on shop@preggicentral.com as your machine may be booked by another customer. Please note we will do our best to accommodate you but it may not be possible. There are additional fees for extending your hire period and for late returns, as this can cause us scheduling difficulties that may impact other customers.

What if I break or lose parts?

Included in each kit is a CHECKLIST letting you know everything you need to return with itemised replacement charges which will be taken from your bond if anything is broken or missing.

How do I post it back?

If you have selected POSTAL HIRE, a pre-paid return satchel will be included. If you lose the prepaid satchel you will need to go to Auspost, purchase another one and pay for the postage. If it is returned to us past your hire period, an extra fee may be deducted from your bond.

Can someone else return it?

We know the early days and weeks with a newborn can be crazy, so if you have selected in store pickup, you can have a family member or friend return the machine to our Frankston store. Bond refunds are done online through the method it was paid.

Can I cancel my hire?

We understand that sometimes things change; baby may come early or you now need a C-section. If your birthing plans change and you won't be using the machine we are happy to cancel and offer a full refund as long as it hasn't yet been posted or picked up.

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