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Franjos Kitchen

Franjos Kitchen Lactation Biscuits Fig & Almond

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  • The powerhouse tanker topper lactation cookies are nourishing and delicious. Full of natural galactagogues* oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds.Along with the superfood's chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour our Tankers not only help you 'fill up your tanks' whilst breastfeeding but also load you your baby up with vitamins, minerals good fats during this time.

    * 'Galactogugue' is a Greek word for substances that promotes lactation

    Wheat free, Dairy free, egg free no refined sugar
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    Produced on equipment that makes gluten, nut dairy products

    14 biscuits per tin

    Features Benefits

    Naturopath Jo has specifically included ingredients in the tanker topper lactation cookies to help breastfeeding mums.
    Need milk?? Our key 'galactogogues' ingredients are brewers yeast, oats and flaxseeds. Each have their own reputation to boost breast milk supply
    Tired?Brewers yeast and oats contain B group vitamins and iron found to help boost energy
    Are your sugar cravings out of control? Brewer's yeast contains high amounts of the nutrient chromium which helps to balance blood sugar levels.
    The bioflavonoid rutin found in buckwheat as well as the decent protein levels found in buckwheat, flaxseeds, chia seeds and brewers yeast our Tanker Toppers may assist repairing the body's cells post partum trauma.
    You are all used to talking about poo and seeing truckloads of it No princesses here! Our biscuits are full of ingredients beneficial for bowel health including fibre and good fats.
    As believers of limiting dairy and wheat in one's diet for good health our Tanker Toppers also meet the needs of those who are intolerant to these foods. Being egg and honey free we tick the box for vegans as well.

    Who its for

    We understand that most new mothers barely have time to take a sip of their cold tea let alone cook something nutritious for themselves. We want to make life easier for you. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and plays an important role in not only helping mums meet their breastfed baby's needs but also their own health which is often ignored during this demanding time. So, even if you have stopped breastfeeding but are looking for a tasty, healthful snack to keep you on your toes then grab one of our little beauties.