Gift ideas for new Mama's

How exciting! Your bestie has just told you the amazing news that she’s having a baby! Cue all the adorable itty bitty baby outfit shopping…but what about the beautiful mumma-to-be?! Growing a brand new human can be equal parts incredibly exciting and the hardest thing she’s ever done so while you’re buying the cutest little beanies and socks, don’t forget to shower the mum-to-be in love and gifts too! We’ve got great gifts for every stage of the journey.


Those first weeks…

No doubt she may be having a hard time in the first few weeks. Forget what you think you knew about morning sickness…that sucker doesn’t just hang around for the morning. It likes to stay with you all day long. If there’s a babe in your life that’s struggling with the constant nausea that can come with growing new life, gift her some Morning Wellness Loose leaf tea and make sure she’s got something to settle her stomach – and keep it full – with Franjos Kitchen Pregnancy Biscuits

Help her to slow down, take time to relax and unwind at the end of the day with a Hermosa Co Soak a magnesium and mineral rich soak. It’s the ideal ‘me time’ companion.

This is also the best time to whip out the pregnancy milestone cards! She’ll want to document this journey from the very start so pick a design that’s right up her alley. Choose from our Pregnancy Milestone Card Range


We’re into the second trimester!

This is the fun time when her bump will really make an appearance, she’ll (hopefully!) start to feel less nauseous and she’ll turn into one of those glowing, pregnant goddesses that you hear about. So take this time to make sure she’s feeling the love from the inside out with some Love Tea Pregnancy Tea Bags. They’re made with nettle leaf, lemon balm and chamomile, the perfect herbs to support digestive function and soothe the nervous system.

With all the growing and stretching she’ll love making self-care a part of her daily routine with the GAIA Belly Butter and the GAIA Skin and Body OilThe Gaia Skin and Body Oil is perfect for use at night before bed and alternating with the Belly Butter in the AM will keep her skin supple and smooth.

Another absolute must-have is the Hermosa Co Magnesium Spray. If you’re yet to hear about the cramps she’ll experience during pregnancy, just you wait!! While a totally normal part of the process, these aren’t one of the fun symptoms and can really mess with her much needed sleep. If you aren’t giving your friend the gift of improved sleep, settling restless legs and easing her aches and pains…are you even friends?!

If she’s starting to struggle with any pain associated with pregnancy like back or pelvic pain, this would be a great time to invest in some pregnancy support garments. There are so many different options to choose from depending on the solution she needs but just checking out her options is a great place to start.


The home stretch!

The third trimester is such an exciting time and you can both see the finish line! This is the time to really think about what you can do for your friend to make her last few weeks of pregnancy easier so that she’s ready to take on her new role as a mum with all the energy and support of her nearest and dearest behind her. It’s also probably the time she’ll have her baby shower and you’ll need the best card to compliment the presents.


Check out the range of Silicone Jewellery and toys that we’ve got for her as well as our range of nappy bags. She’ll need that to start packing her hospital bag for the bub so no, it’s definitely not too early to check these out!


Ever heard of a Tens Machine? These babies aren’t just for labour and birth! They’re awesome to combat all sorts of physical pain from back pain, neck pain, menstrual pain, sports injuries and more. They work by blocking pain signals to the brain. The nerves will send the strongest sensation up to the pain receptors in your brain, if you can get ahead of one sensation by distracting your brain with a different sensation, you’ll be laughing….well, maybe not laughing but she’ll find labour to be more manageable! Worth their absolute weight in gold, if the Mumma-to-be in your life hasn’t thought about a Tens Machine as another tool to take into the labour and birth with her, be the hero and introduce her to one.

And lastly, if she’s actually the hardest person the planet to buy for and has just about everything that you could possibly think of, get her a gift card so she can come into the store or buy something online for herself. We have a huge range of both maternity and nursing clothes so she can really take this time to stock up her hospital bag or get some comfy, nursing tops prepped and ready to go for her to wear both now and after she’s had her beautiful, little babe!


Everyone is so quick to buy gifts for the baby that the Mum is often forgotten about. You, my friend, are a champion for wanting to pamper and love on the expecting goddess in your life. And, if that doesn’t make you the most thoughtful friend ever, what does?!


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