Our 3 favourite pairs of maternity leggings

Hey mama, on a search for the best maternity leggings?

Now you might be overwhelmed with all of the options out there, and we get it, there's a lot! We’ve tried and tested many a maternity legging so you can be sure the range we stock will see you through all pregnancy long (and more ... because #comfort).

We have carefully curated, tried, tested, lived, breathed and more in these leggings and we are here to share the ultimate top 3 pairs of maternity leggings.


1. Hudson Leggings 

These have been a staple in store for the last 6 years. A best seller, regardless of the season, that you will seriously love during your pregnancy. You'll wear these leggings for years after baby arrives (like all our staff!)

Crafted lovingly here in Australia, from a premium quality double knit that doesn't pill and stretches but still holds its shape beautifully. 

If our obsession isn't enough, let your fellow mamas convince you - check out the 5 star reviews! 



2. Bae BodyHold Pocket Legging 

Let's start with the obvious, because pockets are always a winner. These leggings are crafted in stretchy, supportive fabric that doesn't budge when you're wearing them, and supports your belly comfortably. Buttery soft fabric that you'll be comfortable exercising in, or you'll be just as comfy marathoning through Netflix on the couch during most (or all) of your third trimester. 

(We'll mention the biggest selling point again: Pockets big enough for your iPhone Pro Max #musthave ) 

Body Hold Pocket Dial Leggings 

 3. Ripe Active Over Tummy Leggings

Designed with pregnancy in mind, to fit you from early stages to I-can't-believe-how-big-I've-gotten(!) Ripe's Active Over Tummy Leggings are crafted from a high performance stretch jersey and features mesh detailing and a high over-bump waistband. 

Perfect for early morning walks, pregnancy pilates and long brunches with your girlfriends. 

 Ripe Maternity Leggings


Maternity Leggings: Perfect for those days that pants are just NOT an option, and let’s be real we’ve all been there! The early pregnancy comfort, for extra layers in Winter, for taking midday naps and for the days when you deserve applause just for getting out of bed. They’re an absolute must-have for your hospital stay and in all of those beautiful, exhausting, soft and gentle post birth days. If you're a leggings aficianado like us, we make the same recommendation as bras, you'll need 3 pairs. One on your body, one in the wash, and one in your drawers. You'll have them on heavy rotation once baby comes and you'll thank us for this!