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9 Months, 9 Maternity Essentials


It feels as though you’ve just seen those two lines on the test but baby brain is already setting in and your mind is swirling with the “now what’s” and the “how to’s”.

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy and baby items around and you’ll be getting heaps of (unsolicited) advice from everyone you’ve ever met, insisting that you need a bit of this, a bit of that and a whole lot of everything in between! It’s enough to make an already hormonal, tired and new-to-the-world-of-pregnancy-must-haves girl cry!

Mumma, we’ve broken this down for you:

9 essential items for 9 months of pregnancy.


Let’s not mess around here – we’re starting with the one wardrobe essential that’s absolutely…well, essential for any woman! Perfect for those days that pants are just NOT an option, and let’s be real we’ve all been there! They’re super comfy for the early days, for extra layers in Winter, for taking midday naps in and for the days when you deserve applause just for getting out of bed. They’re perfect for your hospital stay and in all of those beautiful, exhausting, soft and gentle post birth days. We’ve tried and tested many a maternity legging so you can be sure the range we stock will see you through all those days and more.

A good fitting maternity bra

Your girls are going through A LOT of changes over the next few months and it’s so important to ensure they’ve got the right fit and support. There’s no right or wrong time to start investing in maternity bras so if you’re finding that your current bras are starting to feel a little snug, check the huge range we’ve got in store and online. Maternity bras don’t need to be frumpy, unsupportive and ugly…and if that’s all the options you’re finding yourself surrounded with, you’re looking in all the wrong places! Flexiwire, wirefree, contour, t-shirt, plunge, seamless, strapless and bralettes are just some of the stunning and totally practical range you can find here:

And if maternity bra speak is as helpful as a foreign language to you, we’ve broken down maternity bra lingo, how to find the right bra for you and how to measure yourself right here.


We know, as amazing as it would be to wear leggings every day, they’ll need to be washed eventually! It’s absolutely worthwhile to take the plunge and get a great pair of maternity jeans

Finding a versatile pair (or two!) that you can wear to work, out for dinner or on the weekend AND still make you feel good will have you reaching for your maternity jeans long after you’ve had bub too.

To find the right pair for you, take your time, do your research and try as many pairs on as possible. This is a great opportunity to explore the different styles available to you – If you need a helping hand to get started, you can find some really useful tips and insights about our range here

Be sure to sit down in every pair you try, to make sure they’re comfortable sitting as well as standing - especially around your belly. The idea with maternity jeans is that they will grow with you and should see you majority of the way through your pregnancy so don’t make the mistake of just getting a bigger size! These are an investment that you’ll be wearing for a while yet.

 A fabulous LBD 

This one’s a no brainer! You’ll wear it everywhere; throw it on and you’ll look great. Dress it up with a few chains and wedges, dress it down with a denim jacket and flats. Every woman deserves to feel like a total queen and the right LBD will make you feel that and then some!

With cool weather 

For warm weather

and all of the in-between

Options, we’ve got you covered.

A versatile Henley top 

A wardrobe staple whether you’ve got a bun in the oven or not, you can’t go past a good, comfy Henley top. Pair it with your new maternity jeans for a casual weekend look or knot and crop it with a high waisted skirt…you can’t go wrong! With many of our Henley’s also doubling as nursing tops, this will quickly become one of the most worn items in your wardrobe.

Basic maternity tee

Basic tee’s are a must in any wardrobe and stretchy maternity tees will ensure you can wear them all pregnancy long (no matter how big you get!). Whether you find yourself loving a style that you can also breastfeed in or just a tee that looks just like your pre-pregnancy style, you can’t go past an easy, effortless tee.

A great jumper or hoodie

Every girl needs a comfy and cosy jumper or hoodie to get her through just about every aspect of life…and we’ve got the pregnancy and breastfeeding aspect covered for jumpers. Throw it over the top of your outfit and you’ll look put together in a flash (even if you’ve just woken from a nap on the couch).


The perfect skirt

Sometimes it feels a little like “who needs pants when you’re this pregnant, right”?! And how easy is it to throw on a stretchy skirt and your fave tee in the warmer months? You’ll instantly feel like you’re totally handling this pregnancy thing and your options for mixing and matching tops and skirts are endless meaning that you’re not feeling like you’re only wearing the same few outfits on repeat. With so many skirts on offer to you, you’ll definitely find one that makes you feel…well, you.

Self-care essentials


Girl, trust us when we say not to neglect your self-care. After all, you’re only busy GROWING A HUMAN! This is your time to pamper yourself and fill up your cup. A healthy and well supported mum is vital in the whole process of pregnancy. Nourish your body from the inside out with delicious Franjos Pregnancy biscuits, gently support yourself with herbs ideal for pregnancy in Love Tea, don’t forget to soothe those sore and achy muscles with a relaxing soak in the bath with Hermosa Co Pregnancy Soak and then massage some Belly Butter into your skin.


Your mind and body will thank you for it!