What size maternity clothes should I buy?

Hey mama, you're pregnant! Congratulations! While you're feeling those early flutters in your growing belly, you're no doubt googling everything maternity related and are overwhelmed with information and advice. 

Luckily we've been around the block for a while and have done this a few times! Preggi Central has been in business since 2006; and we're staffed by mums who've been there on this journey with you.

Clothes - argh! Where to even start? If it's your first pregnancy then you might be super excited to buy everything maternity as soon as you possibly can (guilty!) OR you might be holding off until the very last second - and doing the old hairtie around the button trick on your pants (we see that a lot)

If you're not sure where to start; our 9 months, 9 maternity essentials can get you started with the basics to get you through your pregnancy journey 

One of the most commonly asked questions that we hear in store; is "what size should I buy" in maternity clothes. Or "why can't I just buy normal clothes in a bigger size" - hey, in some cases, that might be ok. But if you're looking at leggings, jeans, or tops especially - if you're buying a bigger size then the shoulders, arms or legs are all too big, which in most cases really isn't flattering for your shape. We want you to celebrate your growing baby, not hide it in a sack!

Most maternity manufacturers base their fits on a normal weight gain for an average single baby pregnancy. Maternity clothes are cut and sized to accommodate your growing bump, but fit properly on the rest of your body.

Maternity clothing sizes work the same way as regular ones do, meaning, you're the same size in maternity clothes that you are in regular clothes.

So our best advice is to stick with your usual pre-pregnancy size. If you were wearing a size 12 in your jeans; start with a size 12 maternity jeans. (We've got the blog to find your perfect pair here) Used to wearing an XS? Stick with an XS then, mama! 

There can be exceptions - you may have been undergoing IVF and changed shape and sizes during that process. You may be expecting twins or multiples (kudos to you!!) which means that you need to accommodate more growth than a singleton pregnancy. In these cases we encourage you to try things on where best you can. Don't forget our staff are always happy to help with any questions. Visit us in store or send us a message  

Also important to note is your breast size. Your pre-pregnancy bra size is 99.9% certain to be different during your pregnancy + afterwards. Start here for help with maternity bra sizing or visit us in store for a fitting.

Now, to get you started on the real important things – we’re starting with the one wardrobe essential that’s absolutely…well, essential for any woman! Perfect for those days that pants are just NOT an option, and let’s be real we’ve all been there! They’re super comfy for the early days, for extra layers in Winter, for taking midday naps in and for the days when you deserve applause just for getting out of bed. They’re perfect for your hospital stay and in all of those beautiful, exhausting, soft and gentle post birth days. We’ve tried and tested many a maternity legging so you can be sure the range we stock will see you through all those days and more.