Forever Chic: Black Lingerie

Let's get black to basics.

The real wardrobe MVP is black lingerie. We've got you spoilt for choice, mama.

Forever in style and forever your style, whether it's soft and stretchy, lacey and sexy; or supportive and structured - we've got the styles that you've been waiting for.


Soft and Stretchy. 

Serena is a twist on your usual wirefree bra, created thoughtfully with Italian lace but still a beautiful (and more importantly, comfortable) T-Shirt bra.

Structured and Supportive

Cadenshae's Radiance Sports Bra is designed to support DD - G cups. This one is a game changer for active, breastfeeding mums.



Black Magic 

Heroine Plunge features feminine lace with sheer mesh lining and a cotton side sling. Plunging yet supportive shape with the flexi underwire lift and Rose Gold featured hardware. 



 "When should I buy a maternity bra?"

"There’s so many! What are the differences?"
"What’s the best type for me?"
"Flexi-wire or wire free?"
"Is there a difference between maternity and regular bras?"
"How do I even begin to figure out what size I am? Where do I even begin?!"

…All great questions that we have heard – and have asked ourselves at some point in our own pregnancy journeys! - many times before. Mama, you’re not alone in feeling a little lost when it comes to the ins and outs of maternity bras.

Don't worry - we've got answers to all your questions in our bra fitting blog series here.



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