Tens Machines - Get the low down

There is so much to consider when planning and preparing for birth, and we know it can be super overwhelming. One thing at the forefront of many women's minds is pain management.  You most likely have heard of the various pharmaceutical pain relief options provided by the hospital and the many natural methods like breathing, massage and water immersion etc. However, it is the Labour Tens Machine that is becoming increasingly popular, with 1 in 5 women now using one in labour. And with more and more research being carried out on the success of self-managed pain relieving techniques, it's no wonder that the Labour Tens Machine is the go-to choice for those wanting an empowering birth.

What is a Tens Machine?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and provides safe, effective, drug-free pain relief in labour. A Tens Machine sends small pulses of electrical current via leads to adhesive pads which are applied to your back. The pulses are transmitted through the skin and into muscles and tissues giving you a gentle tingling or buzzing sensation. The intensity of pulses can be increased or lowered based on your comfort levels.

What are the benefits?

  • Encourages the release of endorphins, which are our own natural pain relieving chemicals
  • The electrical pulses help block pain messages going to the brain, resulting in lower pain perception.
  • Provides a mental and physical distraction from the sensation of contractions
  • Gives you a sense of control over your labour
  • A natural and non invasive pain relief option
  • Safe for you and your baby with no lasting side effects
  • Portable and easy to use at home and hospital (and a great tool for the sometimes uncomfortable dash in the car to get there!)
  • Very effective if you are aiming for a natural birth and can also be used with other forms of pain relief
  • Suitable for use postpartum and for many other conditions like back pain, period pain and sports injuries.


Elle Tens

The Elle TENS is one of the world's most advanced and popular choices for mums-to-be because of its simplicity and effectiveness.  With award winning features including a large LCD display, pre-set modes and most importantly the integrated BOOST button to combat the pain during a contraction. The Elle TENS is a breeze to use and with dual intensity controls, you will have total flexibility over the upper and lower electrodes.  And with Optimax Technology, you will love the extra reserve of pulse power for when you really need it in the final stages of labour when you are ready to birth your baby. 

Elle Tens 2 is packed with the same features as the original, however it also includes a very handy contraction timer to give you a good sense of your labour progress and when to go to hospital.

Elle Tens + is 3 units in 1- birth mode, pain mode and pelvic floor toning.  It is normal for some women to experience incontinence after birth and thankfully it can now be treated at home with the pelvic floor stimulator, allowing you to enjoy greater bladder control and stronger pelvic floor muscles sooner.

Obi Tens has the same benefits as Elle Tens Original in a more compact, discreet and affordable design. Just like all the Elle Tens you can use the neck cord or a tough rotating belt clip to keep the controller in easy reach, and an LCD screen will clearly display your settings so you can move the intensity up or down accordingly. It also features pre-set modes and the must have BOOST button. However, this model has single channel control only and does not include Optimax technology.

Recommended by midwives, the use of a Tens Machine in labour will enable you to stay calmer longer,  feel more in control, reduce your sense of pain and your need for pharmaceutical pain relief.  All this can lead to more satisfied feelings about your labour and a more positive birth experience overall.  

Thousands of mamas are raving about the difference this little device can make for labour and beyond, so why not join them and add one to your birth bag today!

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