PC's Top Picks for Winter 2022

We're feeling (20)22 and here are our top style picks to dress your bump for Winter. 

It can be hard to dress and still feel amazing while you're pregnant, and to add another layer of difficulty; you can go from freezing to hot flashes in ... a flash(!) so layering your outfits is a must to keep you comfortable.

Let's start with the basics - you can’t go past a comfy (yes, we said the word comfy when talking about jeans!) pair…or two…of maternity jeans. But, if the actual thought of buying jeans makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry, you’re not alone mama! Our blog here will take you through the ins and outs of maternity jeans, and get you on your way to find the best pair for you. 

No matter the side of the debate you fall on (Leggings=pants), leggings are absolutely essential for Winter layering. They’re super comfy for the early days, for taking midday naps in and for the days when you deserve applause just for getting out of bed. There are always days that pants are just NOT an option, and let’s be real we’ve all been there! They’re perfect for your hospital stay and in all of those beautiful, exhausting, soft and gentle post birth days. We’ve tried and tested many a maternity legging so you can be sure the range we stock will see you through all those days and more.

Knitwear is another staple for Winter Our range is carefully curated with the softest, loveliest styles (no scratchy knits here!) To keep you (and bubs) warm, cosy and looking amazing. 

Sometimes it feels a little like “who needs pants when you’re this pregnant, right”?! And if you're feeling a little "blah"; throw on a skirt, tights and some boots and you'll instantly feel like you’re totally handling this pregnancy thing (even if you've cried 6 times already today). Need some inspo? Check out our range of skirts here. 

Of course, if we're looking at skirts for winter then layers are imperative. Now to add a reason to celebrate - we have maternity hosiery! Check out our range here - from sheer hose to opaque 200 denier to suit whatever look you need.

The PC Team know how hard it can be to buy clothes online at the best of times, let alone when your body is constantly changing while your baby grows!
We are so happy to offer assistance and advice, in store where possible. If you can't make it in store and have questions, you can still ask us for help. Check out how you can get in touch with us here.


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