When should I start buying maternity clothes?

Congratulations mama, you’re pregnant! We know these first few weeks (or months) are filled with (well, nausea) but also googling everything pregnancy related and trying to figure out -where-to-even-start-. If you're feeling overwhelmed with information and you’re being bombarded with well-meaning advice from everyone you’ve ever met about your pregnancy, it's ok! Breathe easy, we’re here to help, mama.

Preggi Central has been in business since 2006; and we're staffed by mums who've been there on this journey and helped countless mums along the way. 

Now - maternity clothes! Where to even start? A common question we hear in store is; “when should I start buying maternity clothes?" If it's your first pregnancy then you might be excitedly showing off your bump to everyone and bursting at the seams to buy everything maternity as soon as you possibly can. There is no hard and fast rule that applies to everyone, and no two bodies experience pregnancy in the same way. So, our best advice when it comes to shopping for maternity clothes: comfort is key. 

As a good rule of thumb, if any of these are happening, then it’s time for maternity wear!

  • If you’ve found yourself doing the old hairtie around the button trick on your pants 
  • You’re feeling bloated (all day, everyday!) 
  • You’re working up a sweat trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy activewear 
  • Your bump starts to pop out from the bottom of your shirts 

There's no better place than Preggi Central to get you started on your maternity journey. We’ve got a curated range of styles and many of our styles are versatile to be worn throughout pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding

To help with longevity in your wardrobe, we also have a carefully selected ‘bump-friendly’ range, featuring styles from leading non-maternity brands. Pregnancy isn't forever, so your wardrobe should be as flexible as your incredible body is.

Not sure where to start? That's ok, mama! Try our 9 months, 9 maternity essentials blog.


Now, you’re definitely not alone if you’re not even sure where to start with sizing! One of the most commonly asked questions that we hear in store; is "what size should I buy". You can read more about that in our blog here.

Another question we often hear is ‘when should I buy a maternity bra’? We’ve got all the answers to your maternity bra questions in our bra fitting blog series.

Need more help? Our friendly team love to assist. Whether it's help with sizing, style or general advice, get in touch with us here.