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Love to Dream - #1 Newborn to Toddler Swaddle & Sleep Suits

If you have a newborn or toddler who is struggling to sleep, you might find relief in The Love To Dream newborn to toddler sleep system. Their uniquely designed swaddles and sleep suits are tried, tested and trusted by researchers and parents alike. After all, it's not just baby who needs sleep. Their products can provide better quality and longer sleep for the whole family!

The best selling Love To Dream Swaddles and Love To Dream Sleep Suits are popular for a reason. Because they work! A constant challenge a lot of parents face is worrying about whether their baby might get too hot or cold, or feel too constricted in their swaddle or sleep suit. The Love To Dream collection are designed to eliminate these problems and they provides guides on how to dress your baby for their bedroom's temperature and the warmth (tog) of the sleep suit you have chosen. Their range is suitable for new borns through to 3 year olds.