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Maternity bras.. Your questions answered

12 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Find your perfect bra with our quiz

"When should I buy a maternity bra?"
"There’s so many! What are the differences?"
"What’s the best type for me?"
"Flexi-wire or wire free?"
"Is there a difference between maternity and regular bras?"
"How do I even begin to figure out what size I am? Where do I even begin?!"

…All great questions that we have heard – and have asked ourselves at some point in our own pregnancy journeys! - many times before. Mama, you’re not alone in feeling a little lost when it comes to the ins and outs of maternity bras.

When should I first dip my toe into the world of maternity bras?

Hands down, the most commonly asked question we get at Preggi Central is ‘when should I buy a maternity bra’?

The answer to that is really simple - whenever you feel like you’re starting to pop out or feel uncomfortable in your own pre-pregnancy bras, painful red marks is a good indicator. No, you don’t have to wear a maternity bra throughout your pregnancy if you’re happy and most importantly, still comfortable in your regular bras. But remember that no two women are the same and you won’t experience the exact same changes as anyone else. You might find that one day you go to sleep as a B cup and wake up as an E cup (okay, maybe not that extreme but it sure feels like it sometimes!). Or you might stay the exact same size all the way through. Who knows? But we know maternity bras so let us help you make a plan for all stages of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

First Trimester

Woohoo! But also, ouch. So many women have really sensitive and sore breasts as one of the first tell-tale signs of pregnancy. You might find that if you as much as think of the wind blowing in the direction of your nipples, you shudder and cry out in pain.  There’s no shame! We’ve been there, girl! This might be a good time to explore the seamless range of bras we have in store and online.

This will generally be the time that you do the most growing in terms of cup sizes so starting with some soft, stretchy bras will buy you some time for things to settle down a little before you continue to invest in gorgeous, feel good bras.

If you need a few bras for getting out and about, pick a style that will mould to the shape of your breasts and feel like a second skin, such as the Berli Barely There,  or the Ambition Triangle

Second Trimester

This is your time to shine babe! The time where you embrace your pregnant, glowing goddess vibe…or if you’re just not there, you fake it till you make it by wearing lingerie that makes you feel good.

Flexi-wire styles such as the Warrior Balconette Bra, the Heroine Plunge Nursing Bra, Cake Maternity's Waffles is a favourite of many mums too.. or wire-free options like the Ambition Triangle Contour Bra  with matching briefs will make you feel like the absolute queen that you are.

Third Trimester

Everything hurts. Nothing fits. You’re over it.

We know what that’s like. By now you’ll have some bras that have grown with you and hopefully you still enjoy wearing them. It’s still perfectly fine to be wearing your flexi-wire bras as long as they continue to fit well and feel comfortable.

If you’re looking for some serious comfort and support at this point without the wire, a wonderful option is the Show Off Bra or a Bonds Contour Bra

The first 6 weeks post birth

This is such a crucial time in your breastfeeding relationship with your new bub. A bra that is easy to feed in and can accommodate all of the changes your breasts go through in those first few weeks is super important. You’re trying to keep a brand new human alive here! You don’t need to be thinking about which bra fits you today.

When your milk comes in, around day 2-5 you may find you wake up resembling Barbie with large firm breasts.  Temporary growth of another 1-3 cups sizes is not unusual, but don’t fear its just your body doing what it needs to and over the coming weeks your milk supply will adjust to meet your baby’s needs. Stick to bras that are stretchy with no wire at all. Partly for comfort and partly because you might find that your breast tissue is really sensitive to everything at the moment and the last thing you want to experience are blocked milk ducts or mastitis.  Your size might also fluctuate a fair bit between feeds throughout the day and night during this time so a bra that supports size changes without digging in is the way to go at this moment in time.

Some absolute life changers here are the Bravado Nursing Bras which come in two perfect designs, the first to suit from B – D cups  and the second for DD – G cups, the Cake Sleep and Yoga Seamless Bra and the Hotmilk My Necessity. Stock up on these in later pregnancy and pack in your hospital bag so you are ready to go!

Your nursing Journey

After the first 6-8 weeks you will find that your breasts settle back down and resume a steadier size.  You may find you can get back into the bras you purchased in pregnancy and you will be glad to know that underwire can be your friend again…hello support!  You just need to make sure it’s the correct fit.  If unsure, this is a great time to check the sizes of your existing bras using our 'guide to fitting a bra' article here.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many options available to you. Let us make it easy for you by breaking it down even further so you can work out what options you’ve got, which style will be best suited to you, how to measure yourself correctly – yes, you can do it! It’s super easy and you won’t get it wrong – and how to ensure you get a good fit that will grow with you. Have a look at all the extra info you’ll need right here.

OR come speak to us in person and try some on for size.


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